What Makes Our Teas Different?

Skinny Bunny Tea is amazing because of what’s NOT in it, just as much as what IS in it. Our teas are vegan friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and Kosher certified. When you’re drinking a cup, you can be sure that you are drinking an authentic tea that has been verified and validated to ensure every sip is pure bliss.

Each of our teas provide a unique blend, selected from teas from across the world, nutrient rich herbs, or a combination of such teas and herbs. Each tea exudes a refreshing, revitalizing, or calming aroma allowing your olfactory triggers to pair with the delicious flavorings of the teas, for an overall holistic response.

Not only does each tea blend provide its unique set of health benefits based on the tea leaves or herbs, each one of our teas is a significantly healthy alternative to other calorie heavy beverages, making them the perfect addition to your daily routine, if seeking weight loss.


Here are just some of the key ingredients in Skinny Bunny Teas that create a clean, metabolic environment inside your body that allows you to live a happy, healthy life

Valerian Root

Tulsi Leaf

Stevia Leaf

Spearmint Leaf

Rose Petals


Oolong Leaf

Ginger Root


Clinically Studied Ingredients That Work

Skinny Bunny Weight Loss and Beauty Sleep-PM are a small additions to your healthy lifestyle that can have large effects on your wellness and overall quality of life. With only a few seconds each morning and night, you can make your mornings brighter and your nights quieter. If it sounds too good to be true, you probably haven’t tried them yet.

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Lose 8lbs in 4 Weeks*

Weight Loss-AM is a gentle daily supplement that helps get your morning off to a smooth and healthy start before you reach for your cup of tea. This is an essentials-only product and not a high intensity supplement. There are no unnecessary or unneeded ingredients, just those that have shown to result in weight loss over time, in clinical studies. This product is perfect to aid you in your weight loss goals, especially when combined with diet and exercise.

Beauty Sleep-PM guides your mind and body into a relaxed space before ushering you into a deep, sound sleep that has you ready to have another awesome day. Shake off the stressors of the daily grind and have more rewarding rest while you sleep. The PM product helps promote REM sleep so the sleep you get is the best sleep you’ll ever have.

Try Skinny Bunny Wellness Collection today and find out what you never knew you were missing.

Our Weight Loss AM has ingredients that were clinically studied and showed an average loss of 17 pounds in 2 months. Everyone is different, so your results can vary. Proper diet and exercise are necessary for losing weight and keeping it off.